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Jan Pearce





Born with a musically enriched soul- Jan developed a deep love affair and connection with classical music from a young age.  Her fingers first touched a piano at the age of 5 and by 12 she was playing Bach's Concerto in D minor on a grand piano. Afterwards, Jan's musical interest broadened towards the angelic sounds of the harp and ever since, she has been gracing audiences as a well-respected harpist in Calgary and surrounding areas.


After completing a Diploma in Music, Jan attended Western University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This prompted the next chapter of her career into the frontier of Music Therapy.

With a deep desire to learn and grow, she was led to Europe where she was accepted into one of the most prestigious schools, The Guildhall School of Music in London, England.

Here she was taught by some of the great pioneers in the music therapy profession and became one of the first Canadian Music Therapists. For over 40 years Jan has proudly held the designation of Accredited Music Therapist, (MTA) as an active member in this leading edge profession.

Jan's career has been musically diverse and creative. Between the gaps of her educational pursuits, she has been a church organist, accompanied numerous musical theatre productions and singers, performed with the Calgary Civic Symphony, professionally performed for thousands and has taught hundreds of students.


At heart, she is not only an entertainer and teacher, Jan holds a lifetime of deep connection to humanity's gift of music. 

Jan Pearce

"Almost two years later, I still receive glowing compliments on your performance from those who attended my mother's funeral. Your carefully chosen selections created a comforting and uplifting ambience very fitting to such a sombre occasion. Thank you for making the occasion truly memorable.


~ Valerie Setz

Jan Pearce

"We hired Jan Pearce as the harpist for our wedding. The aliveness of the harp vs recorded music was so much more beautiful and it made me much more emotional  walking down the isle than anything I could have pumped out on speakers. I certainly would recommend Jan if you are looking for a harpist or for an elegant way to bring music into a wedding."

~ Bride: Cory B.

Jan Pearce


Jan Pearce
With Jan's most recent, 2017 achievement of a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, the timing couldn't have been more divine.
Jan's graduation ceremony took place on the exact day of her birthday.
As she stepped up to claim her degree, she represented the limitless capabilities we all can achieve when we are committed to lifelong excellence.

Jan's Harps

The Concert Harp is the most requested for events.  It is the large and magnificent “classical” harp with pedals that you see in orchestras and are produced in factories because of their mechanical complexity. 


Jan's beautiful French harp features ornate carvings, gold features, fancy wood, and an exceptional “voice”.  This type of harp allows a greater repertoire and can deliver delicate to very full-bodied sounds. 


Celtic Harps come in different sizes and are usually handmade.  While they have a sweeter, less sonorous sound than the concert harp due to size difference, the sound carries very well when played with trained fingers. Often people with a connection to the British Isles will choose this style of harp.  It is also ideal for outdoor events such as alpine meadows that are difficult to navigate. 


Jan uses her small therapy harp in her Music Therapy practice. Its portability allows for easier manoeuvering in situations such as bedside use, while the quality of the instrument produces a beautiful sound and allows a large repertoire. 


To Isabella, my preschool teacher:

I am eternally grateful for you and your insistence that my mother enroll me in music lessons. You directed the course of my life. Your encouragement and lifelong friendship will remain in my heart.  


                         ~ Jan Pearce

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